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Research on Shear Bearing Capacity of Corrugated Web Positive Symmetry Damper

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    In order to study the hysteretic performance and lateral resistance of positive symmetrical damper with corrugated web, two damper specimens, horizontal corrugated web damper and vertical corrugated web damper, were designed, and their quasi-static tests were carried out. The test results show that the designed corrugated web dampers have excellent hysteretic performance and energy dissipation capacity, and the bearing capacity of vertical corrugated web damper is obviously higher than the horizontal corrugated web damper. Meanwhile, the energy dissipation of the damper mainly depends on the shear and buckling of the corrugated web, whereas the contribution of the flange plate on the bearing capacity of the damper is relatively small. The simulation and experimental verification by ABAQUS finite element software show that the simulation results are in good agreement with the experimental results. Based on the vertical corrugated web damper,a total of 22 finite element models are established, with variable parameters including the aspect ratio, thickness and amplitude of the corrugated web. The results show that with the increase of the aspect ratio, the shear bearing capacity decreases greatly; with the increase of the thickness, the shear bearing capacity increases sharply; with the increase of the amplitude, the shear bearing capacity increases slightly. Finally, combined with the finite element models, the shear bearing capacity formula of the corrugated web damper is derived.

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