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Investigation and Analysis of Seismic Damage to the Renovated Rural Dilapidated Residences in Mojiang M5.9 Earthquake

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    The seismic intensity of the meizoseismal area reached Ⅷ degrees in Mojiang M5.9 earthquake in Yunnan province,which was an intensive inspection to the results of renovation of the dilapidated rural residences. In order to verify the effectiveness of the renovation of dilapidated rural houses and summarize the seismic damage experience of the fortified farmhouses,the following work is done in this paper. Firstly,the ground motion characteristics are analyzed from the attenuation law of ground peak acceleration and the spectrum characteristics of seismic waves according to the observation records of strong vibration in this region. And then,on the basis of seismic damage investigation,combined with the characteristics of the architecture and structure,the characteristics of the seismic damage of rural houses in the areas with earthquake intensities of Ⅶ and Ⅷ degrees were elaborated,the performance of the reinforced dilapidated rural houses in the earthquake was compared and analyzed,and the experience of seismic damage was summarized. Finally,combined with the investigations of seismic disasters,some suggestions are put forward to improve the earthquake resistance of rural houses from the aspects of strengthening earthquake observation,increasing efforts to promote the renovation of rural dilapidated houses,promoting the use of new technologies and new materials,and attaching importance to seismic damage surveys.

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