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Real-time State Mirror-mapping for Driving and Bolting Integration Equipment Based on Digital Twin

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    Digital twin is a new state-of-the-art technology to realize the interconnection and integration of physical and information world for complex equipment. It has a broad prospect in simulation,monitoring,diagnosis, and optimization control of a series of complex products. This paper focuses on investigating the digital twin kinemat? ics and modeling analysis,data transmission and bidirectional mirroring of complex equipment,taking the driving and bolting integration equipment as the objective. In the field of behavior consistency of digital twin,the fast kine? matics simulation analysis of driving and bolting integration equipment is realized based on historical simulation data? base and physical simulation model. In addition,in the field of real-time state mapping,the virtual real-time map? ping technology is proposed,and through collecting and transferring twin data online,the information transmission from real to virtual is realized based on asynchronous transmission. In the process of lifting,feeding,digging and cin? der recovery of the driving and bolting integration equipment,the program processing delay is limited to 10-5 sec? onds. The error of kinematics interpolation processing is less than 3% and the frequency of digital twin platform for the developed driving and bolting integration equipment is over 74.3 frames per second. Finally,the remote realtime state mapping and online monitoring of work procedure are accomplished for the driving and bolting integration equipment in the environment of integrated service.

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