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State-sensitive-based Event-triggered H∞ Control for Path Tracking of Unmanned Ground Vehicle

College of Engineering, Qufu Normal University,Rizhao shandong

Fund Project:

National Natural Science Foundation of China,China Postdoctoral Science Foundation,International Corporation Project of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission,Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province of China

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    This paper proposes a state-sensitive event-triggered H∞ control strategy to solve the problem of unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) path tracking control under communication restriction. Firstly, the corresponding path tracking control model is established according to the dynamics of the connected vehicle. Secondly, a novel state-sensitive event-triggered communication (SS-ETC) strategy according to the state perception of path tracking in real time is proposed. Then, an event-triggered H∞ controller is designed by combining with time delay system modeling method and Lyapunov stability theory. The proposed dynamic event-triggered communication strategy based on state perception can dynamically adjust the communication threshold according to the state measurements of the control system, and effectively realize the adaptive co-design of UGV communication and control. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed dynamic event-triggered control strategy is verified by simulation experiments.

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  • Received:October 07,2021
  • Revised:December 20,2021
  • Adopted:December 23,2021
  • Online: May 17,2022
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